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Interview with Program Director Ann Marie Petrocelli, LMSW

ann marie

Interviewer: What are some things we should know about you, Ann Marie?

Ann Marie: My work history includes being a singer/songwriter/musician, which adds a creative dimension to everything I do. As a graduate of the NYU Master School of Social Work, I utilize this education in helping clients living with medical, mental, and substance disorders. I am a published author using the knowledge provided in my book to educate health professionals, employees, students, and clients in settings such hospitals, universities, residential facilities, outpatient clinics, and work sites. The knowledge and experience gained over the years helped point me in the direction of working with CARS, which is an opportunity that continues to bear gifts in my service of helping to make a difference in people’s lives.

Interviewer: What lead you to apply for the Program Director position at CARS Residential Addiction Recovery Center (RARC)?

Ann Marie: When I applied for the Program Director position at CARS RARC, I lived and worked in NYC as Vice President of ICL, an agency helping rehabilitate clients diagnosed and living with mental and substance use disorders. I will always remember interviewing for the CARS position with the CEO, Bill Rusen and Sue Oaks, CFO. Bill and Sue explained the program and asked the kind of questions that helped me know that they were knowledgeable, experienced, and the kind of special people that would be a good fit for my continued growth as a person and licensed social worker. Accepting the position was one of the greatest decisions I ever made because it granted me the opportunity to work as part of a team that helped develop the OASAS Part 820 Residential Services, thereby enhancing our skills and buy-in to the work.

Interviewer: Sounds like CARS made a big impression on you?

Ann Marie: Yes, it absolutely has. CARS represents genuine sacred ground for clients with a history of chronic substance use to work on themselves. We offer the kind of diverse programming that addresses all aspects of client health. It is very gratifying to witness a transformation in clients working with the substance, medical, mental, vocational, and recreational departments. Obtaining knowledge and practicing diligently causes changes in clients that are prevalently conspicuous in the areas of increased sobriety, stability, value, confidence, responsibility, respect, support, and happiness. The staff represents a team of devoted, motivated, and qualified health professionals affecting positive change in client lives every day. Clients admitted to CARS often express thanks to staff for helping them gain the skills that deepen their spirit and hope, and regain promise for a bright and rewarding future. Staff and clients alike do miraculous work at the RARC. This is the reason more and more people seek our help and why I love being part of the CARS agency, program and team. Go CARS!

Introducing our new Admissions Coordinator for the CARS Residential Addiction Recovery Center.

patricia tucker

Hello my name is Patricia Tucker and I am the new Admission Coordinator for Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Residential Addiction Recovery Center. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Human Service from Corning Community College, and have also just completed my first year working towards my BA in Social Work at Keuka College. I have worked in the Human Service field for the past 10 years. I’ve worked for the Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service with clients with a multiple of different eating disorders. I have also facilitated my own workshop where I am a motivational speaker, reaching and teaching others of positive body image. I am extremely passionate about helping clients get connected to services they need and deserve. I feel that my past experiences and knowledge will help me in providing both referral sources and clients with a positive referral experience

Residential Referral Process


We have made it our goal to say “YES” to your referral as quickly as possible. In order to do this we have made some changes to our referral process.

We are now able to receive referrals in the following ways:

  • A completed referral application can be faxed to Patricia Tucker @ (607) 273-1277.
  • A completed referral application can be emailed to Patricia Tucker @
  • A referral can be taken over the phone by calling (607) 273-5500 and asking for Patricia Tucker at extension 29.

In addition, in order to get you a “YES” as quickly as possible it is important that we receive the appropriate documentation.

We require the following documentation in order to expedite the referral process:

  • A completed referral application OR the clients most recent assessment (the assessment MUST be legible). Please note that we may require a copy of the clients’ assessment or request a phone screen with the client when a referral application is completed over the phone.
  • All of the following properly executed consents:
    • LOCADTR 3.0 (or a completed LOCADTR 3.0 that indicates residential rehabilitation as the appropriate level of care)
    • Referral Source
    • Tompkins County DSS
    • Emergency Contact
    • Medicaid Managed Care (or private insurance)

You can access a copy of our referral application by visiting our website @ Our referral application is located in Forms & Applications under the Resources section.