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SBIRT Screening Services

Outpatient Treatment Services

CARS Outpatient Clinic
Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services
Ithaca Outpatient Clinic
334 West State St.
P.O. Box 789
Ithaca, NY 14850


Providing outpatient chemical dependency services located in Ithaca, New York, we are a team of unique professionals dedicated to providing holistic recovery services that recognize and value the innate dignity of each person. Our services are defined by the values of individual empowerment, knowledge, caring, and the potential of each individual to effectively collaborate in his or her ongoing recovery. We measure ourselves by our ability to assist individuals to experience a life free from the harmful effects of substances and to unleash their own potential.
Our clinic provides timely and holistic services that respect the biological, psychological, social and spiritual nature of addiction and its impact on our clients, their families, and the community. Through a full continuum of care that is designed to embrace the transformative process of recovery, we stand with our clients providing the right tools and supports to assist them on this difficult journey they have found the courage to begin.
Our primary addiction services include: chemical dependency evaluation, groups, individual sessions, medical assessment, Suboxone, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone medication management, and case management services including referrals to vocational, educational, psychological and medical supports. These services were developed to assist clients in bridging the gap from active addiction into ongoing recovery.
We work to provide services that embrace individual differences and help clients develop a better appreciation and respect for themselves.  We honor the unique challenges and strengths that individuals have when they decide to seek treatment. CARS chemical dependency treatment focuses on the brain disease model.  Research shows that the limbic system is the central brain area compromised in function during active substance use and in early recovery from substance use.  A person’s ability to regulate emotions can be impaired by substance abuse; therefore, we work to educate clients in understanding that recovery is enhanced by learning skills to avoid extremes of emotions and emotional reactivity, and skills to manage stress.
Our outpatient program is open from 9am – 8pm M-F, with both day and evening services offered, most major insurances including Medicaid are accepted and a sliding fee scale is offered for self pay clients. We serve clients age 13 and older. 


Outpatient Rehabilitation Services (1/30/17)

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is designed to better serve alcohol or drug dependent individuals who sometimes lack the adequate support systems to strengthen their recovery, or may need focused assistance to build the skills necessary to avoid relapse or to manage life on life’s terms. In addition, this program assists clients who have health care needs related to their sobriety that may require attention or monitoring by health care staff.     
CARS Outpatient Rehabilitation (OPR) program is approximately 6 - 12 weeks in length depending on the individual needs of the client.  It includes both group and individual counseling.  This program runs from 9:00 AM – 2:15 PM on Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and includes a daily lunch option.  OPR does not run on Wednesdays to provide participants a day during the week for which to schedule other necessary appointments in a manner that does not interfere with their participation in treatment here at CARS.
CARS OPR provides social and health care services; skill development in accessing community resources; activity therapies; information and education about nutritional requirements; and vocational and educational evaluation along with research based addiction treatment models including: The Matrix Model, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, rational emotive behavior therapy, and regular drug screen testing for documented abstinence.
We believe that this model creates an opportunity to better support our clients in building a foundation of recovery and preventing further chaos or pain caused by active addiction. This model can also support our clients in remaining in our community and building on healthy relationships and community supports that are often lost at higher levels of care which often take them away from home for significant periods of time.
To access OPR services please call for an evaluation (607-273-5500) or walk in to discuss your treatment needs with one of our counselors.


CARS Residential Addiction Recovery Center

CARS Residential Facility
Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services
Residential Facility
6621 NY Route 227
P.O. Box 724
Trumansburg, NY 14886


CARS Residential Addiction Recovery Center (RARC) is a 60-bed, co-ed SUD (Substance Use Disorder) treatment program located 90 minutes northwest of Binghamton and 90 minutes southwest of Syracuse in Trumansburg, New York.

At CARS RARC we focus on transformation and hope. We focus on the development of two "core skills." We believe our role is to use these core skills to partner with the recovering individual to build the foundation for lifelong recovery. We also know this quest for a new life free from addiction is not an easy one. We believe a clear focus on the "why" and "how" of transformation is the single most important factor for success in our program.

Why are we (you and us) here at CARS Residential Addiction Recovery Center (RARC) Program?

We believe every addicted man or woman has a destination in mind when they think about recovery from addiction. We believe that destination might be summed up as the legacy of a decent, sober and upright life well lived and all the wondrous things that come from that, such as a warm and loving home, good and robust health, a supportive and caring community, and an enriching and meaningful purpose.

Of course, anyone might ask how do we get to that destination? How will we know the right direction?

We will maintain our direction and focus by using the compass of recovery. Recovery is "a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential." - SAMHSA Recovery Strategic Support Initiative, 2012

Now that we have a destination and a direction, how will we make sure we stay on course?

We will use the "map" of core skills to keep us on course. Learning and practicing the two skills and six methods below, we will focus on learning and practicing in the six to 10 weeks (average stay; yours may be a bit longer or shorter.)

These two "core skills" are:

  1. Coping with urges, craving, impulsive behavior and cognitive distortions
  2. Build social, emotional, and behavioral functioning
    - Increased empathy
    - Successful social interactions
    - Increase in self-efficacy (authentic power)
    - Confidence
    - Managing of urges and cravings to use
    - Skill in use of social supports available within the community

    OASAS regulations 820.11

We are dedicated to providing the most effective services to our clients to aid in their recovery. CARS treatment services are based on the evidence-based Matrix Model.

A variety of clinical approaches are utilized within our treatment programs which include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Strengths Based Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, among others.

All the work at CARS RARC happens with the community of recovering men and women partnering with the staff to succeed in this work of transformation. As a community member you will be expected to adhere to the following pledge:

In This Community of Recovering Men and Women

We extend grace and generosity of spirit
We welcome strangers
We listen
We laugh and cry
We make mistakes
We show mercy
We give thanks
We celebrate life
We believe in love and possibility
We are a community committed to recovery

Finally, to live and work together there must be common agreement and understanding of what is acceptable and positive behavior and standards. We have only five rules at CARS RARC. They are:

In general, if you follow 5 main rules while you are here all of the others will take care of themselves, they are:

  1. Be personally accountable for your behavior and its consequences
  2. Be polite at all times to all others
  3. Be on time & be where you should be
  4. Don't smoke or use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs
  5. Don't fraternize

Some practical information:

  • Pack like you are going on a 7-day trip; there are laundry facilities so you can wash clothes etc; a large suitcase, 30" X 18" X 9" is the maximum we suggest; please note that items in excess of this might have to be shipped back home
  • Bring NO electronic devices with any level of connectivity; any electronic devices (connective or not) may be placed in contraband, under lock and key, for the duration of your stay
  • Bring NO tobacco products such as cigarettes, chew, vape machines, E-Cigarettes, and cigars; these will be confiscated and destroyed
  • Bring toiletries and any important papers or ID cards pertaining to your medical care and health insurance
  • Bring an attitude and approach of gratitude, humility and hard work and you will succeed in reaching your goals at CARS RARC

Insurance and payment information:

  • We accept Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Care and commercial insurance; please be in touch if your payment situation falls outside these parameters as it is our desire to explore all possible avenues that will allow you to receive the addiction recovery care you need

We believe that our program is best defined by our mission statement. CARS is "A professional community resource providing caring and effective recovery services dedicated to improving quality of life by promoting individual dignity and respect for all."

pdfCARS Infraction System and Positive Recognition Manual


Updated Referral Application

In efforts to improve the referral process we have shortened our referral application. The new application can be found on our website,; in the Resources tab, under Forms & Applications.

pdfPlease click here to begin using our updated referral application as soon as possible

What You Have To Do Differently

  • You are not required, in most cases, to go through the time consuming process of DSS approval any longer. We hope this will allow us to say "Yes" much quicker in the future.
  • Complete and submit the new referral application in order to determine clinical approval and who the payer is (
  • Complete the LOCADTR 3.0 in the Health Commerce System
  • (
  • Obtain and submit a Court Mandate letter for clients who are mandated to treatment
  • Depending on the payer, we may asked you to obtain a pre-authorization number

Applications can be faxed, or emailed to Patricia Tucker, Admissions Coordinator.
Email: or
Fax: (607) 273-1277


Love First Intervention Services

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services is offering Clinical Intervention Services based on the best practice Love First Clinical Intervention Model ( This model of intervention which has been designated by Hazelden as a best practice and is defined by one rule and one rule only: we wish to persuade an individual suffering from addiction to enter treatment while preserving their dignity and worth as a human being. We train and support the family and other significant people in the addicted individual’s life to lovingly and effectively persuade that individual to enter treatment so that the family and friends might be once again reunited with the man or woman they lost to addiction so long ago.
Please call Bill Rusen at 607-273-5500 ext. 40 or 607-275-6506 or

SBIRT Screening Services

SBIRT is a comprehensive, integrated, public health approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for persons with substance use disorders, as well as those who are at risk of developing these disorders.
Screening quickly assesses the severity of substance use and identifies the appropriate level of treatment.
Brief Intervention focuses on increasing insight and awareness regarding substance use and motivation toward behavioral change.
Referral to Treatment provides those identified as needing more extensive treatment with access to specialty care
In closing I want to thank you for your kind attention and interest in getting to know us and our services. Our focus has been and will always be on our enduring purpose statement. “We believe in the capacity of people to transform themselves.”

William J. (Bill) Rusen, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer


Please select this link for a printer friendly version of the CARS Treatment Philosophy and Program Descriptions